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How to Check Apple Airpods Original With Serial Number: Verify Authenticity!

To check if your Apple AirPods are original, use the serial number on Apple’s official website under the check coverage tool. Verify authenticity by comparing the serial number found in the AirPods’ settings or on the case with Apple’s records.

Verifying the authenticity of Apple AirPods is essential for any consumer aiming to enjoy the full range of features and quality associated with the brand. Counterfeit products are rampant in the market, potentially leading to subpar performance or compatibility issues.

When investing in AirPods, users seek reassurance that they’re getting the genuine article, which is where checking the serial number becomes invaluable. Owners can easily access the serial number either through their device’s settings, if already paired, or by inspecting the charging case. By entering this number on Apple’s official support page, users can confirm whether their AirPods are officially recognized by Apple, ensuring peace of mind and securing their investment. This simple step not only helps in ascertaining authenticity but also aids in availing warranty services, should the need arise.

How to Check Apple Airpods Original With Serial Number: Verify Authenticity!


Locating The Serial Number

Understanding where to find your AirPods’ serial number is key in verifying their authenticity. This unique identifier offers a window into your device’s origin and legitimacy. Let’s explore how easily you can locate it.

On The Airpods Themselves

Looking at your AirPods, you’ll find the serial number engraved on each. Gently remove the ear tip if you have AirPods Pro. The number is tiny, so you might need bright light and possibly a magnifying glass. Here’s where to look:

  • AirPods (1st and 2nd generation): Check under the lid of the case.
  • AirPods Pro: On the underside of the earbud.
  • AirPods Max: Look on the headband just above the ear cup.

On The Charging Case

Your AirPods’ charging case is another place to find the serial number. Spotting it is simple:

  1. Open the lid of your AirPods’ charging case.
  2. Inside, you will see the serial number on the lid’s inner side.
  3. Note this down carefully, as this is your key to verify authenticity.
How to Check Apple Airpods Original With Serial Number: Verify Authenticity!


Verifying The Serial Number

Apple AirPods are coveted for their sleek design and exceptional technology. With popularity comes the risk of counterfeit products. Verifying the authenticity of your AirPods through the serial number is crucial. This unique number acts as a fingerprint for your device, offering peace of mind about its legitimacy. Learn the steps to confirm your AirPods are genuine Apple products below.

Checking Apple’s Online Verification Tool

The most reliable method for verification starts with Apple’s official online tool. Navigate to the Apple Check Coverage page. Locate the serial number found inside the charging case lid or on the box. Enter the number on the website. The results reveal warranty status and confirm authenticity. Look out for mismatched or ineligible messages, which may indicate counterfeit AirPods.

Cross-check With The Packaging

Counterfeits can have misleading serial numbers. Comparing the serial number on the AirPods to that on the packaging ensures consistency. Real AirPods have matching serial numbers on both the case and the box. Any discrepancy suggests a potential fake. Pay close attention to fonts and printing quality, as genuine packaging boasts high-quality materials with no spelling errors.

Consulting A Licensed Technician

When in doubt, consult an expert. Visit an Apple Store or authorized service provider. Present your AirPods for professional inspection. Technicians can run the serial number in Apple’s database, offering another layer of verification. They also have the expertise to spot signs that are harder to detect by untrained eyes.

Additional Tips

Let’s delve into some extra savvy tricks to ensure your AirPods are the real deal. These additional tips can save you from the disappointment of purchasing fakes and make sure every penny spent is on authentic Apple quality.

Beware Of Counterfeit Products

Fake AirPods are often hard to spot. Always check the serial number on Apple’s official website. Look for mismatches in design and packaging. Original AirPods have a premium feel and symmetry that counterfeits often miss.

  • Inspect the LED light’s brightness and position closely.
  • Examine the texture and color of the case and earbuds.
  • Check the quality of the instructions and other printed materials.

Avoid Purchasing From Unreliable Sellers

Stick to authorized dealers to guarantee authenticity. Trusted retailers are your safest bet.

Do Don’t
Buy from Apple or certified retailers Shop at dubious online stores or marketplaces
Check reviews and seller ratings Ignore user feedback
Look for warranty and return policies Buy without a guarantee

Request a proof of purchase. Sellers unwilling to provide documentation are a major red flag. Always use secure payment methods to protect your transaction.

How to Check Apple Airpods Original With Serial Number: Verify Authenticity!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Check Airpods Authenticity By Serial Number?

Yes, you can verify AirPods authenticity by checking the serial number on Apple’s official website under the check coverage section.

How Do I Know If My Apple Product Is Original?

Check your Apple product’s serial number on the official Apple website to verify its authenticity. Look for quality in material and craftsmanship, as counterfeit products often show inferior quality. Always purchase from authorized Apple retailers to ensure originality.

Can You Find The Owner Of Airpods With Serial Number?

No, using the serial number, you cannot find the owner of AirPods. The serial number only helps with Apple support services.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between First And Second Generation Airpods?

Check the model number inside the AirPods’ charging case; first-generation have model number A1523 or A1722, while second-generation show A2032 or A2031. Also, second-generation AirPods support wireless charging and have improved battery life.


Ensuring your AirPods are authentic is crucial for guaranteeing top-notch audio and build quality. Utilizing the serial number check via Apple’s official website is the best method. Remember, real peace of mind comes from verifying your devices directly through trusted sources.

Protect your investment by staying informed and always opting for genuine Apple products.


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